Technical Data





Technical features of the rolling machine 9000T

–          3-rolls plate rolling machine with geometric adjustment configuration

–          Pressing power 9000/10000T

–          Maximum rotating power 1300000Kg/m

–          Installed power 1200 Kw

–          Table width (maximum plate width) 3600 mm

–          Diameter of the bottom rolls 860 mm

–          Diameter of top rolls 1750 mm

–          Minimum distance between the vertical axis of the top roll and the vertical axis of the bottom roll 171 mm

–          Minimum distance between the bottom rolls 1442 mm

–          Maximum distance of the bottom rolls 2542 mm

–          Horizontal inclination of the bottom rolls +3°/-3°

–          Vertical inclination of the top rolls +2.5°/-2.5°

–          Maximum distance between bottom rolls and top rolls 840 mm

–          Vertical stroke of the top roll 1300 mm

–          Exercised pressure on the hydraulic system 250/270 Bar

–          Axis speed in motion 200/600mm/min

–          Maximum plate speed in horizontal motion 4000mm/min

–          Grease centralised lubrication system of pivots and bearings

–          Lubrication system of transmission boxes

–          Management and control system of the rolling machine CN (Mac 8) and PLC (Simens)

Total weight 1250T

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